#37 Additive Insight: Protolabs CEO Vicki Holt on digital manufacturing and embracing sustainability every day

In the latest episode of Additive Insight, we bring you another Executive Q&A, this time with President and CEO of Protolabs, Vicki Holt.

As the digital manufacturing company marks its 21st anniversary, Deputy Group Editor Laura Griffiths talks to Holt about developments in additive manufacturing and Protolabs’ fleet of over 170 AM systems, why the ‘digital thread’ is becoming increasingly important in how businesses operate, and why answers to sustainability challenges are going to come from technology.

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Commenting on how the digital manufacturing industry has demonstrated its ability to respond rapidly to emerging global challenges, particularly during the current coronavirus pandemic, Holt says: “I am passionate about sustainability. I believe that the answers to problems we’ve got around climate change are going to come from technologies and it’s going to come from companies collaborating together to find these solutions. I’ve been very inspired by how companies have come together in this pandemic and it tells me we can solve the problems around climate change and focus on sustainability.”

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