SoftSmile launches modelling software for 3D printed aligners

New York-based SoftSmile has launched its flagship software platform developed for the 3D modelling of orthodontic treatment plans for 3D printed aligners.  

The company announced the launch at AAO 2020, a virtual gathering of the American Association of Orthodontists.

SoftSmile helps to create orthodontic treatment plans specific to each patient based on orthodontic measurements, suggesting the exact number of aligners required to achieve the optimal result by harnessing machine learning algorithms to visualise and assess the patient’s teeth roots and project teeth and lower jaw movement during treatment. The software will then work to automate the 3D printing process for orthodontists. SoftSmile is currently working with Carbon to integrate their technologies to make distributed dental printing more accessible to dental professionals.

“We have long been perfecting our technology to provide orthodontists with the tools they need to fully utilise their skills, lower the cost of the treatment for the patients and usher in the next revolution in orthodontics,” commented Khamzat Asabaev, co-founder and CEO of SoftSmile. “We are confident that the proprietary technology and algorithms integrated in our software will help to transform orthodontists’ practices and such problems as uncertainty in the result, high cost and lack of accessible treatment will vanish. We believe that SoftSmile is the solution orthodontists and patients have been waiting for.”

“I was very impressed when I first started using the SoftSmile technology in my practice that specialises in the application of lingual braces,” offered Roberto Stradi, DDS MSc in Caserta, Italy. “The learning curve for this technology was fairly minimal and the software was completely customisable, allowing me to remain in control and produce a successful result for my patients.”

SoftSmile has been developing the software since mid-2019, with extensive research being carried out for several years by its founding members, leveraging their experiences in dentistry and engineering. The company says it has tested its software with more than 100 orthodontists around the world, while a partnership with Columbia University is ongoing. So far, the team at SoftSmile has been granted 12 U.S. patents, while also preparing its application for FDA 510K clearance to place its software on the market. Until then, SoftSmile will be continuing to trial its software with dental professionals.

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