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Monday 27 April 2020

09:00 [PDT] 12:00 [EDT] 17:00 [BST]

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In this online panel discussion curated by The Immersive Kind (London, UK) and Women in 3D Printing, we are looking forward to hearing panelists discuss key areas for bioprinting technologies in space and what their impact may be on Earth in the future.  

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Meet the panel


Katherine Templar Lewis: Creative Scientist, Futurist and Hybrid Thinker, Templar Lewis sits at the intersection of humans, technology and culture. As a collaborator with some of the world’sleading academic research groups, Templar Lewis curates multidisciplinary teams connecting a network of world class academics and creative disruptors to accelerate new science insight into the public realm, with projects that inspire social change.


Jenny Tillotson: Jenny Tillotson is a Sensory Designer and creative drive behind eScent wearable technology: working on various transdisciplinary projects at the interface between design, beauty, fragrance, engineering and mental health, having developed a wearable closed-loop system to monitor mood and intervene with person-specific scent delivery. Tillotson has currently been using her innovation to develop specially-constructed PPE masks. 

Shneel Malik: Shneel Malik is an Architect, a Biodesign Researcher and an aspiring social entrepreneur. As a PhD Candidate at the Bio-Integrated Design Lab (Bio-ID) at University College London (UK), Malik explores 3D printing and robotic extrusion to design photosynthetic systems for the built environment. 

Malica Schmidt: Malica Schmidt pursues an inter-disciplinary PhD at the Centre for Nature Inspired Engineering at University College London (UK) with intersections between engineering, material science, biology and research in space. Schmidt also collaborates with the European Space Agency (ESA) and the German Aerospace Centre (DLR).

Younes Chahid: Younes Chahid has a first class Mechanical Engineering degree and is currently a 2nd year PhD researcher on the topic of Metrology of AM Lattice and Trabecular Structures at the University of Huddersfield (Leeds, UK). Chahid is also the Founder of and mentor for the award-winning University of Huddersfield 3D Printing Society.

Bioprinting in space on 3DMedNet

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