Modix launches 3D printer able to print parts up to 1.2 metres tall

Israeli 3D printing vendor Modix has launched its third machine which can print parts as tall as ­1,200 mm.

The BIG-120Z is based on the same design and technology as Modix’s BIG-60 and BIG-120X platforms and is being targeted at industries like the fashion and advertising sectors.

Modix has designed the BIG-120Z, as it did the others, as a self-assembly kit to help customers save on purchasing costs and shipment costs, while also allowing the two-metre-tall machine pass through doors. Once assembled, users can benefit from a build volume of 800 x 800 x 1200 mm, an advanced dual E3D Aero extruders and dual high flow E3D Volcano hotends and a premium motion system with HIWIN motion rails, Gates timing belts and IGUS signal cables. The hotends can reach temperatures up to 285°C, with an upgrade taking that up to 400°C, and the bed temperature can reach 120°C. The printer is also equipped with a filament runout sensor, 120 probing points for automatic bed levelling and stall detection capabilities, while an active air filter can be purchased as an add-on.

Delivery of the $9,500 machine is set to commence in mid-April, with more additions to the company’s portfolio set to be unveiled later this year.

John Van EL, Modix CCO commented: “Modix is extending its offering from two products to three. This will be shortly followed by additional larger models as presented during the Formnext trade show. At the same time, we are busy developing several add-ons that will increase customisation capabilities for both our end-customers and resellers.”

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