Swiss footballer Stephan Lichtsteiner invests in UrbanAlps

Switzerland-based UrbanAlps, the developer of the 3D printed Stealth Key, has announced a rather unlikely new brand ambassador for its security product: Stephan Lichtsteiner, captain of the Swiss National Football Team and player for German club FC Augsburg. Lichtsteiner has also reportedly invested in UrbanAlps.

UrbanAlps has pioneered the world’s first metal 3D printed key which is protected against unauthorized duplication thanks to internal mechanic security features. The innovative consumer product cannot be copied using molding or scanning and can also be retrofit to work with existing doors and locks. Each key is also custom-made and unique.

“Today anyone can duplicate most keys with a smartphone and a cheap 3D printer,” said the Swiss footballer. “This renders most locks around the world unsafe—to call that a problem would be an understatement. UrbanAlps developed the safest mechanical key worldwide by hiding all security codes on the inside of the key—invisible to cameras or scanners. It’s called the Stealth Key. The solution is simple, elegant and it’s a tangible product. I like that. It’s a revolutionized version of an object each of us carries around every day: a key. I am also truly impressed with the team, with their expertise, their mindset, their innovative power and their disruptive product.”

As a right-back, Lichtsteiner knows a thing or two about defending. While he specializes in keeping balls out of nets, the Stealth Key can be used to defend against security breaches in professional or domestic settings.

“If you run a company with multiple employees and each of them carries a key to your assets, you want those keys to be safe from duplication,” added Lichtsteiner. “As a family man you want to keep your loved ones safe. I never compromise on security—nobody should.”

3dpbm co-founder and Inter Milan fan Davide Sher also points out that Lichtsteiner might have an added appreciation for security, having played for Juventus FC—a team notorious for match fixing and trophy stealing—between 2011 and 2018. But we jest.

Stephan Lichtsteiner UrbanAlps
Alejandro Ojeda and Stephan Lichtsteiner

The renowned footballer—or soccer player for our American readers—first heard about UrbanAlps and their Stealth Key in 2017, when his uncle learned about the company’s work. Today, he has endorsed the company and is their official brand ambassador.

“We are thrilled to have Stephan on board,” said Alejandro Ojeda, CEO of UrbanAlps AG. “The key and Stephan have many traits in common: They are both great defenders, they both stand for Swiss precision, quality and reliability. They truly make a good fit.”

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