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“New manufacturing processes only come once every several decades,” says Jonah Myerberg, Co-founder and CTO of Desktop Metal, one of the most interesting companies in the global additive manufacturing landscape today. In this one-hour webinar, Mr. Myerberg discusses how Desktop Metal’s bound metal AM technologies can benefit manufacturing processes at all levels.

Desktop Metal was founded with the goal of facilitating the transition of metal additive manufacturing from a technology used to produce up to 200 high-performance parts to a serial production method capable of streamlining the manufacturing of several million parts.

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This lengthy and progressive transition towards digital additive manufacturing is affecting every aspect of the product design process, from development all the way to new supply chain dynamics. The benefits are potentially enormous, ranging from the production of better parts to lower costs, shorter times to market and improved sustainability.

From few to many

Mr. Myerberg is one of the most passionate promoters of AM technologies. His background as a mechanical engineer in the automotive segment, with a focus on electric mobility, means that he knows where AM can—and where it can not—improve production processes and workflows.

Through the webinar, Mr. Myerberg analyzes and presents the competitive advantages that Desktop Metal’s Studio and Production systems can provide in streamlining the development and optimizing the production of parts, with a specific focus on the automotive industry.

Desktop Metal webinar
Several different types of automotive parts can benefit from bound metal 3D printing, in terms of geometry, weight, performance, and production costs.

In particular, the webinar clearly illustrates where AM can help to overcome the limitations of traditional formative manufacturing methods and how Desktop Metal’s own metal AM technologies—either via extrusion or binder jetting—can achieve this by leveraging the experience built over the years by the powder metallurgy and metal injection molding industry.

Exploring possibilities

Several application cases for both new and after-market automotive parts are presented and discussed in the “Manufacturing the cars of tomorrow” webinar to illustrate where AM can help to accelerate both product development and production cycles. It also addresses the benefits of leveraging Desktop Metal’s LiveParts software to produce generatively optimized parts.

These topics, and many more explored in this webinar, will help you quantify and qualify the value proposition of introducing Desktop Metal’s Studio or Production System capabilities in any factory setting, while also providing a clear analysis of how to design new products in order to maximize the benefits of AM.

This article was published in collaboration with Desktop Metal.

Discover what bound metal 3D printing can do for your business →

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