Flashforge Creator Max: Review the Specs

Dual Extruder

The FlashForge Creator Max is equipped with a dual extruder. This means you can double the printer’s productivity by printing two objects at the same time, and also use two different materials for the same print.

From printing complex geometries with water-soluble PVA support material to two-color or multi-material prints, the dual extrusion system and the closed chamber allow the Creator Max to process a wide range of materials including PLA, ABS, HIPS, flexibles, and composites such as woodfill, copperfill, and more.

Enclosed Build Chamber

The Creator Max comes with a sealable door and a removable cover, allowing for a thermal equilibrium and stable printing conditions. This is key to printing trickier materials like ABS.

It also contains some of the fumes from the printing process, keeps out any dust and foreign particles from intricate parts, adds an extra safety precaution, and helps to muffle the operating sound.

When printing with PLA, you can open the door and remove the top cover, to allow the air to flow since PLA results tend to be better when the print chamber is well ventilated.

Sturdy Machine

The Creator Max features a robust chassis in a well-designed and user-friendly mantle.

The sturdy, injection-molded metal frame should keep everything stable during operation. It should also prevent prints from being shaky and maintain precision by having fewer vibrations.

And, its build plate is made of 6.3 mm aerospace-grade aluminum to distribute heat evenly.

In combination with the fully enclosed printing chamber, the Creator Max seems well equipped for reliable, high-quality prints.

Further Features

Additional features include:

  • Large leveling knobs
  • 180 °C opening front door for easy access and removal of prints
  • The opensource system gives you a range of slicing software to use
  • Ergonomically shaped handles for convenient and secure moving

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