2020 Best Creality CR-10/S/V2/Mini Upgrades & Mods

If you’ve been into 3D printing any decent amount of time, you know that bed adhesion is one of the most important factors in whether a print will turn out or not. Also, having a good build plate makes your printer much easier to use, no more fiddling around with scrapers and blades trying to get that one fragile print off without breaking it.

Creality CR-10 Tempered Glass Build Plate

A 310 by 310 mm Tempered Glass build plate with silicone-carbon coating for optimum print adhesion.

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If you’re on a quest for better adhesion, Creality offers some enticing upgrade options. Their Tempered Glass build plate features a special carbon-silicone coating, similar to Anycubic’s Ultrabase, that reportedly has fantastic adhesion while hot, but breaks free easily when cold.

If glass isn’t your thing, you could always opt for the Cmagnet flexible build plate. Essentially a floppy magnetic version of a Buildtak-like surface, this product allows you to peel prints off without a scraper, by nature of being both highly flexible and easily removable from the printer.

These products are primarily available for the CR-10 and 10S, or their variants with a 310 by 310 mm surface area. If you have a larger build area but still want to upgrade, it may be worth looking into 3rd-party alternatives.

Creality Cmagnet Build Plate for CR-10

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