Epax X10 MSLA 3D Printer: Review the Specs

2K Resolution Screen

The Epax X10 features a 2K 2560 x 1600 pixels LCD screen as its source for masking UV light.

This translates to an X/Y-resolution of 87-microns, which is roughly double the resolution you find on its smaller, budget contenders. While this may sound like a lot, a resolution difference such as this one can hardly be spotted with the naked eye. That being said, the Epax X10 should be able to produce high-quality resin prints.

Build Volume

The Epax X10 is labeled as a mid-sized resin printer and rightly so. With its built-in 10.1 inch LCD screen, it offers a build volume of 216 x 135 x 250 mm, which is roughly six times the size of the Epax 1’s build volume, or similar budget printers such as the Elegoo Mars. This should give you the freedom to tackle all your printing projects.

Non-FEP Film

According to Epax, the X10 does not use an FEP film as its vat bottom but rather a non-FEP film (nFEP).  The manufacturer states that the Teflon-based sheet offers greater durability and has a lower chance of sticking to the screen and potentially messing up your print. You can order additional nFEP films for the X10 online, but you can also use regular FEP films for the vat.

Sturdy Design

The Epax X10 boasts a sturdy cantilever build plate arm and a Z-axis drive with a heavy-duty ball screw and linear rails, that should reduce possible Z-wobbling – especially at the edges of the build volume.

Besides the enhanced Z-axis stability, the Epax X10 also seems to have a robust and well-balanced chassis. With an approximate weight of around 19 kg, you can be pretty confident the printer stays put during operation.

Another useful design feature is the Epax X10’s door. It opens up from the front with a lid lift upwards, which allows for space-saving storage as well as making it easy to access the interior.

Further Features

  • Print-ready out of the box
  • 3.5-inch color touchscreen
  • ChiTu firmware  and ChiTuBox Slicer

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