Additive Flow launches 3D printing workflow optimisation software platform

London-based Additive Flow has introduced a multi-functional optimisation software which promises to enhance additive manufacturing workflows.

Additive Flow has been in operating in stealth since 2017 but says its FormFlow software is now ‘ready to be scrutinised’ by potential customers. It expects to make the platform available for licensing later this year.

FormFlow has been designed, developed and commercialised in an attempt to solve ‘many of the existing challenges’ within the additive manufacturing workflow. Process agnostic and powered by physics-based algorithms, FormFlow is said to have the ability to apply multiple user-defined parameters to optimise geometry, process and material simultaneously.

Other features of the platform include the quick and efficient generation of optimised production files according to the aforementioned user-defined parameters and the ability for users to simultaneously view productivity, cost and performance outcomes of different design and production requirements. Users will also benefit from FormFlow’s capacity to optimise geometries and multiple materials.

While availability still a number of months away, Additive Flow is already working with a range of SMEs, OEMs and additive manufacturing ecosystem companies on a project consultancy basis. These projects are being carried out across a number of vertical markets, with FormFlow being deployed to help optimise cost, performance and sustainability.

Additive Flow has been on a mission to enhance additive manufacturing workflows since it was established in 2017 by CEO Alexander Pluke and CTO Charles Fried. Last year, the company was one of 28 start-ups selected by StartUp Grind, an independent start-up community, to join its Accelerate 2019 Program, which is designed to assist in the growth of young companies.

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