2020 Qidi Tech X-Smart: Review the Specs

Let’s review the Qidi Tech X-Smart’s specs.

Ready out of the Box

The machine is constructed to be compact and comes pre-assembled; all you have to do is to feed the filament and level the printing bed. Follow the simple instructions, level the bed with a sheet of paper, and start your first test print within an hour of unpacking the printer. Qidi Tech provides some test prints on the included USB stick, so even as a complete beginner, you can have it up and running in no time.

Suitable for Beginners

Intuitive operation with Qidi Tech’s UI (Source: Qidi Tech)

As already mentioned above, and as with its previous models, Qidi Tech seeks to provide a comprehensive 3D printing ecosystem.

The X-Smart has a 3.5-inch color-touchscreen interface,  allowing for effortless operation and provides a number of parameters, such as the print progress and the print bed temperature.

Furthermore, the proprietary slicer software Qidi Print supports a variety of powerful functions and ease of use. The Qidi Tech X-Smart is open-source, though, so you can use any slicer program you like.

Fully Enclosed Chassis

Typically for Qidi Tech 3D printers, the X-Smart is also designed to be fully enclosed. As opposed to exposed, open-framed printers, an encasement serves multiple purposes. For one thing, it protects your prints from dust and curious fingers, as well as also serving as sound insulation when operating.

But best of all, the enclosed print area keeps the temperature constant, which is essential when printing with materials such as ABS, which are prone to warping if they cool too quickly.

Furthermore, the enclosed chassis is a key to reliable and highly accurate prints is a robust and stable chassis that doesn’t flex or move when subjected to the high energy jerks of motion when three powerful motors are working.

Turbo Cooling Fan

Qidi Tech advertises its X-Smart 3D printer to be equipped with a turbo cooling fan, blowing from four sides and therefore cooling your print evenly from all sides to prevent unwanted unilateral shrinking.

This should increase the printer’s success rate and overall print quality. Please bear in mind that not all materials should be cooled during printing. ABS is generally not advised to cool down (rapidly) as it shrinks during the process.

Removable Flexible Build Plate

Pop it right off (Source: Qidi Tech)

The Qidi Tech X-Smart features a heated, flexible, and removable build plate. With the printer’s encasement, having a removable print bed allows for easy removal of prints once finished. No need to poke around with the spatula in the printer’s delicate interior. Just take out the build plate, bend it, and pop the prints right of.

Further Features

Additional features of the Qidi Tech X-Smart include:

  • Resume print function: In case of a power outage, you can resume your print instead of having to start over.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Qidi Tech is reputed to have great customer service.

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