Formlabs enters partnership with BEGO to advance dental 3D printing

Formlabs has today announced a partnership with prosthodontics and implant dentistry specialist BEGO, which will grant Formlabs 3D printer users with access to BEGO’s dental restorative materials.

The announcement was made ahead of LMT Lab Day tomorrow where the companies will be demonstrating how the partnership improves workflows for dental professionals using Formlabs’ Form 3B and Form 2 systems to 3D print permanent single crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers, and temporary crowns and bridges.

The news expands on the launch of Formlabs’ Dental Business Unit and dental-specific Form 3B printer, which aim to provide next generation dental materials, service and software, and allow third-party material manufacturers to work with the desktop stereolithography leader to develop new resins as part of its Materials Partner Platform.

Dávid Lakatos, Chief Product Officer at Formlabs, said: “Directly printing temporary crowns and bridges are one of the most sought after applications from Formlabs customers. By partnering with BEGO and leveraging their 130 years of dental experience, we will be able to not only address this need, but take it a step further by offering materials for permanent crowns. We are excited to see how this partnership can continue to advance the dental industry and overcome the major challenges labs and dentists face as digital dentistry becomes a standard for patient care.”

BEGO brings more than 20 years of materials expertise in dental 3D printing, including a portfolio of printers that comprises of its own branded Varseo XS resin-based system and soon Nexa3D‘s Varseo XL. BEGO’s materials are said to offer patients excellent aesthetic results in a range of shades with a low tendency to age or discolour. 

Axel Klarmeyer, Chief Executive Officer of BEGO Dental, added: “We could not be happier to partner with Formlabs, especially at this time, where digital dentistry is reaching a breakthrough. It took some time and a lot of effort and commitment of all involved people to be able to offer to the market a fully validated workflow for final restorations. This partnership underlines BEGO’s leading position in the dental 3D printing materials market.”

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