2020 Longer Orange 30: Review the Specs

2K LCD Screen Resolution

The 2560 x 1440 high-resolution LCD screen allows you to have pixel resolution of up to 47.25 μm, which isn’t actually the highest in the budget-resin printer genre, but you won’t notice much of a difference between this guy and higher-resolution counterparts.

LongerWare Slicer

The Orange 30 comes with its own slicer by Longer called LongerWare. It’s supposed to be easy to use, can generate supports with one click and is able to quickly slice models, according to Longer. And, if you’re not feeling LongerWare, you can always use ChiTuBox instead, since the printer is compatible with both slicers.

LongerWare is the slicing software Longer created (Source: Longer)


The color touchscreen makes it simple to select a file to print – it even shows you your model with its supports – and also shows helpful information like the printing status.


Your printer will come with most of the accouterments necessary to start printing right away (with the exception of resin, depending on where you buy your machine from). These include gloves, 3M filter funnels, FEP film, a USB disk, cards to level the bed, some Allen keys, and a steel spatula.

Additional Features

Some other features the Orange 30 has are:

  • A temperature warning system
  • A fast cooling system

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