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WinSun deploys 3D printed isolation wards for coronavirus medical staff

Chinese construction 3D printing company WinSun is deploying its technology to help contain and fight the coronavirus outbreak in Hubei province. According to a recent release, WinSun plans to 3D print and ship 200 isolation wards to the region, which will be used to house medical staff.

WinSun isolation ward coronavirus
(Photo: WinSun)

To date, the company has already donated 15 isolation ward units to the Xianning Central Hospital in Hubei. There, medical workers at the front lines of fighting the coronavirus will have access to a protected rest area, where WinSun says they can feel secure. Following the delivery of the first units, the company is embarking on an ambitious plan to 3D print 200 more isolation wards.

Each printed structure measures 10 square meters, has a height of 2.8 meters and can be printed in roughly two hours. Each 3D printed unit can reportedly fit up to two beds. At a cost of about $4,000 per unit, the isolation rooms are printed from a combination of concrete and recycled materials.

The units, which meet isolation standards, are also built to withstand extreme temperatures, wind and even earthquakes. One of the biggest benefits of the 3D printed structures is their mobility. According to the Chinese construction company, the compact houses are easy to transport and set up and can easily be connected to a power supply.

WinSun isolation ward coronavirus
(Photo: WinSun)

The 3D printed structures being deployed were not originally designed as isolation wards. WinSun says it adapted a design for an existing mobile home. Originally, the 3D printed home was destined for tourism, but it turns out the compact structure can also be useful for isolated and temporary housing.

Interestingly, it seems the 3D printed isolation wards will be sent to hospitals through a sort of subscription plan, where customers or interested parties can pay to have a concrete house shipped to a particular region. WinSun has also reached out to a number of national and corporate social groups to support its initiative and is looking for resources to complete its units, such as solar panels, doors and windows, electrical appliances and more.

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