3D Systems introduces auto-stack feature to optimise 3D printing of orthodontic models

Ahead of LMT Lab Day 2020 in Chicago this week, 3D Systems is introducing a new optimised 3D printing workflow for orthodontic models.

The additive manufacturing leader is set to unveil a new digital manufacturing solution incorporating its NextDent 5100 3D printer, NextDent Model 2.0 material and 3D Sprint software, which is said to facilitate the high-precision, vertical stacked printing of orthodontic models.

The solution will enable dental labs and clinics to produce 30 orthodontic models in one print or 120 models in an eight-hour period (size and geometry dependent). The key to this latest offering is a new auto-stacking feature within 3D Sprint which provides one-click automated preparation and placement of models on the build plate including smart nesting and proprietary support structures. The feature is said to deliver high precision, reduced material consumption and labour, and easy break-off supports.

“We’re excited to reveal the latest innovation for 3D Systems’ Digital Dentistry Solution,” Menno Ellis, senior vice president and general manager, plastics, 3D Systems, told TCT. “Through stacked printing for orthodontic models, we simplified a complex activity into a single mouse-click. This enables printing of 30 orthodontic models in less than 2 hours and is available to all customers as part of their 3D Sprint license. This is yet one more example of how we’re bringing our expertise and experience to bear as we continue to support our customers as they optimise their digital production workflows.”

The feature is expected to be readily available for all NextDent 5100 users in early Q2 2020. The news demonstrates 3D Systems continued investment in its dental portfolio following the acquisition of Vertex-Global Holding B.V., including the NextDent materials brand, back in 2017. More recently, the company secured 510(k) clearance from the FDA for its NextDent Denture 3D+ material, which when used in conjunction with NextDent C&B MFH, is said to deliver a final denture that is 90% less expensive to produce in 75% less time than those created via traditional methods. 

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