A first glimpse at the Czinger 21C 3D printed hypercar

Czinger, a Los Angeles-based company founded last year by Divergent3D founder Kevin Czinger, has revealed the first details about its first hypercar, the Czinger 21C. Created by “21st century artisans” using additive manufacturing technologies, the innovative hypercar will make its global debut at the upcoming Geneva International Motor Show next month.

Kevin Czinger is a visionary in the automotive sector, so it comes as no big surprise that he wants his name to be represented on one of his hypercars. His latest creation, the Czinger 21C, is his new company’s first production vehicle and bears all the hallmarks of his future-ready vehicle designs.

Czinger 21C teaser

Designed, built and engineered by an L.A.-based team, the Czinger 21C is described as being the “first production vehicle of its time to use additive manufacturing methods to create performance-engineered componentry of this complexity, size and scale.” Though more details about the sleek 3D printed hypercar will likely be announced when it is formally introduced next month, here is what we know so far.

Czinger’s hypercar is based on an in-line seating configuration and integrates a hybrid powertrain that was developed in house. The vehicle also integrates a number of components produced using advanced manufacturing technologies, like 3D printing.

The company says of its first production vehicle: “Czinger is the first of its kind to develop novel additive manufacturing technologies to devise a groundbreaking hypercar. From a cutting-edge chassis and bespoke structures to pioneering high-performance components, Czinger has crafted a revolutionary hypercar fit for the 21st century.

Though not specified, it seems safe to assume that the vehicle’s “cutting-edge chassis” is—like the Blade supercar’s chassis—produced using additive manufacturing. The vehicle’s sleek design, for its part, showcases Czinger’s continuing design evolution.

The Czinger 21C will make its big debut next month at the Geneva International Motor Show 2020, from March 5-15, 2020.

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