Forecast 3D adopts ZVerse CAD as a Service platform

North American service provider Forecast 3D has become the latest company to partner with ZVerse to enable its customers to use its CAD as a Service (CADaaS) platform.

Forecast joins the likes of Shapeways and 3D Systems On Demand as manufacturing service bureaux to align with ZVerse.

ZVerse’s CADaaS offering essentially takes the weight of designing products off both the manufacturer and the customer. It hosts its portal on the website of its partners, encourages users to submit their request – be it a 2D file that needs converting to a 3D one, a 3D file that requires some work, or a part that needs to be scanned for reverse engineering – and then a quote will be provided. Should the user proceed with their order, ZVerse will then pass the project onto a designer and send the manufacturable 3D file back to the service provider.

In this instance, Forecast 3D will then leverage its additive or subtractive manufacturing capacity to produce the part and return it to the customer. Forecast, who was acquired by GKN Powder Metallurgy last year, has its disposal CNC and urethane casting capabilities, as well as extrusion, photopolymerisation and powder bed fusion 3D printing technology which are running around the clock to complete orders. With ZVerse’s CADaaS portal to be hosted on the Forecast website, the company believes it will enhance the service it offers and attract new business.  

“Customer service is fundamental to the company’s growth and ongoing success,” commented Ken Burns, Vice President Commercial for Forecast 3D. “ZVerse’s CADaaS dovetails perfectly since customers using the service never leave the Forecast 3D online system to gain a seamless customer experience. ZVerse CADaaS helps us earn new customers and decreases customer acquisition costs.”

“Customers often hit roadblocks to manufacturing when their files are not manufacture-ready. Zverse will complement Forecast 3D’s in-house design team, making it even easier for customers to quickly get 100% guaranteed manufacturable 3D files,” added John Carrington, founder and CEO of ZVerse. “Forecast 3D has long been at the forefront of adopting new technology. We are pleased that our CADaaS platform is now among the solutions offered to its customers.”

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