Partnership aims to accelerate the adoption of industrial scale additive manufacturing

Industrial Additive Manufacturing (AM) solutions specialist Essentium has announced a partnership with GoPrint3D, a printing equipment supplier.

GoPrint3D will aim to resell the Essentium High Speed Extrusion (HSE) 3D Printing Platform in the UK and Irish markets.

This partnership will combine GoPrint3D’s service, support and customer knowledge, with the speed and economics of Essentium’s AM solutions, and the two companies hope by joining together the organisations will remove the barriers that have, until now, hindered the adoption of industrial-scale AM. 

Despite companies beginning to include 3D printing in their production processes, the bulk of manufacturing in UK and Ireland continues to be done by traditional CNC machines as a result of the limitations in speed, scale and economics associated with the majority of 3D printing solutions. The partnership between Essentium and GoPrint3D will aim to tackle these issues by offering the operational know-how, as well as a 3D printing platform that can produce end-use parts 5-15x faster and 5x more accurately than conventional Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), and at a cost that makes 3D printing an economically attractive proposition.

GoPrint3D will offer the complete Essentium HSE 180•S Series, including low temperature, standard and high temperature models, as well as a complete range of Essentium’s new materials that claim to perform to the required level in the most demanding manufacturing environments. The company will provide all the planning, installation, training and support necessary to help customers accelerate the shift from prototyping to industrial-scale AM.

Talking about the announcement, James Blackburn, sales director,GoPrint3D said: “We’re excited to bring the Essentium HSE 3D Printing Platform to the UK and Irish markets. We know there is pent up demand for economically viable AM solutions that deliver industrial-scale without compromise. Together with our unique approach to providing tailored training, engineering services, maintenance contracts and fast response times, we believe this partnership will help our UK and Irish customers across aerospace, automotive, consumer good, electronics, contract manufacturing, oil & gas, and industrial equipment (tooling) sectors unlock the enormous benefits of AM at scale.”

Cyprien Decouty, channel sales manager, Essentium EMEA added: “Despite the important potential of industrial-scale AM, many UK and Irish companies lack the know-how, resources and confidence to adopt the technology as an integral part of their manufacturing process. Together with GoPrint3D we will smash through these barriers to help manufacturers achieve far reaching economic, innovation and competitive advantage through AM at scale. We are thrilled to partner with GoPrint3D, who has a phenomenal track record of providing the best-in-class training, application engineering and support.”

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