AMAZEA 3D printed underwater scooter

JAMADE Germany, a company focusing on the development and production of electrically powered sports equipment, developed and serially produced the AMAZEA underwater scooter using large format extrusion 3D printing technology. This marks a significant new era for digital mass production, as the AMAZEA will feature an impressive 75% 3D printed parts that actually make the device impossible (or very difficult) to produce by any other manufacturing method.

The water mobility device was unveiled at boot Duesseldorf, Germany, the world’s biggest water sports trade and boat show now underway. The AMAZEA scooter’s body and front parts are being produced on three BigRep ONE large-format 3D printers using engineering-grade materials. With the exception of the Olli autonomous vehicle, this is the first time that an end-use product this large is produced largely by 3D printing. The greater availability and lower costs of both large-format 3D printers and durable 3D printable materials is going to continue to enable a new generation of digital products.


“AMAZEA is an industry-first breakthrough with the potential to redefine maritime vehicle technology and the consumer experience in water sports around the world,” said JAMADE Managing Partner Janko Duch, who founded the company together with Martin Oser and Detlef Klages in July 2018. “We opted for the BigRep ONE due to its cost efficiency, accuracy and quality when compared to the extremely high investment for traditional tools, particularly in the first year’s lower quantity,” the founders explained. German-based JAMADE is specialized in the development and manufacturing of e-powered water sports equipment for the end consumer market.

The underwater scooter, which pulls the diver attached to it forward through the water, is an environmentally friendly, emission-free and low-noise method of exploring marine life without disrupting the eco-system. AMAZEA is an agile underwater scooter based on the “catamaran principle” and replicating a dolphin’s special body ergonomics that enable faster movement.


The stylish design offers a robust frame available in various bright colors. Thanks to an electric BI motor drive powered by two engines (3.1 KW each) and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery set up in the scooter’s front, the high-performance scooter offers a maximum speed of 20 km/h (underwater) or 30 km/h (gliding above water) and can be operated up to depths of 18 meters. Its lightweight of just 25 kg (without battery) and a user-friendly control panel, make handling very easy.

3D printing offers real customization. Changes in size or shapes, and customer feedback or requests are able to go straight into the product. Large-format printing also ensures the scooter’s water-resistance: If the front or body were assembled using several smaller parts, openings would be a potential risk for leaks.

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