Palette 2 Pro: Review the Specs of This Multicolor Device

The Palette 2 Pro offers many features for a better multi-material experience:

“Pro” Speed

The Palette 2 Pro comes with a Splice Core Pro unit made of aluminum, which enables 20% faster filament splicing and faster printing. It’s rated at 166-280 mm/min for filament production, which is a step up from the 120-214 mm/min of the non-Pro unit.


New since the first Palette, the Palette 2 Pro comes with a 3.5-inch color touchscreen interface for a more enjoyable user experience. This puts all of the Palette’s controls at your fingertips.

Runout Detection

As with the non-Pro model, the Palette 2 Pro comes with a built-in filament runout detection feature, automatically switching materials when a spool runs low. That way, you can print without worrying about your material.

Better Backup

With the “Pro” version of the Palette 2 comes an extended, double warranty period, bundled with additional spare parts for quicker repairs and decreased downtime.

Software Support

One of the biggest challenges with multi-material printing thus far has been file preparation. Most models are not designed for multi-material printing, so converting them can be a hassle. The Palette 2 Pro aims to change this with Mosaic’s own slicer, Canvas. With Canvas, you can “paint” single-color files into multicolor or multi-material models for printing with the Palette.

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