3D Systems launches Figure 4 Jewelry 3D printing platform

3D Systems has announced the launch of a specially optimised Figure 4 platform for jewellery applications.

It represents an expansion of the company’s offering for the jewellery sector, which already includes the ProJet MJP 2500W and a number of castable resins, and is said to be suitable for the printing of jewellery casting patterns, master patterns for moulds and prototype or fit-check models.

The new iteration of the Figure 4 machine harnesses the speed, accuracy, fine feature detail and smooth surface finish capabilities that the standard system promises, while also incorporating two additional innovations. First, combining Figure 4’s non-contact membrane technology with MicroPoint support structures helps to minimise part-to-support interaction and enable smooth sidewalls and fine resolution for printed parts. Second, 3D Systems’ 3D Sprint software now boasts proprietary print build styles developed specifically for jewellery which give users access to more features like the ability to adjust sharp prongs and fine mesh.

Other benefits of using the Figure 4 Jewelry platform include print speeds of 16mm/hour, easy support removal thanks to MicroPoint’s ultra-fine tip support structures, and the Figure 4 JCAST-GRN 10 material, which allows users to immediately produce casting patterns. Materials specific to the master pattern moulds and prototyping/ fit-check applications will be rolled out later this year.

3D Systems believes its latest product introduction will enable jewellery professionals to achieve accurate products at faster speeds, helping them to become leaders in their field.

“With the launch of our Figure 4 Jewelry solution, 3D Systems continues to enable new applications for our Figure 4 production solution,” commented Menno Ellis, Senior Vice president and General Manager, Plastics at 3D Systems. “Building upon our industry-leading technology and materials portfolio, we are able to help jewellers create designs with unprecedented speed and accuracy. This is just one more example of how 3D Systems is blending our expertise in materials science, application engineering, 3D printing technology and software to deliver solutions that keep our customers at the forefront of their respective industries and markets.”

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