2020 Creality CR-10 S5: Review the Specs

At first glance, the Creality CR-10 S5 doesn’t appear to be extraordinarily different from its predecessor, but the manufacturer has packed several welcomed upgrades in this new iteration. Below is a quick overview of the features, the new Creality CR-10 S5 has in store.

Dual Bed Rails

Two is better than one – the dual bed railing system (Source: Creality)

The most notable upgrade that hits the eye is the CR-10 S5’s enhanced bed railing system. While the older CR-10 S5 version spotted only one rail, the updated version now comes with a dual bed railing system. Having to move the 500 x 500 mm heated glass build plate, a second rail should lead to a more stable movement and ensure a smoother printing experience.

Dual Lead Screws

Two lead screws and two stepper motors ensure smooth printing (Source: Creality)

A recurring issue with fused deposition modeling (FDM) 3D printers is Z-wobbling due to the machine’s parts moving when operating. This can lead to unwanted layer shifting, especially when printing tall prints. The Creality CR-10 S5 is equipped with dual lead screws and two Z-axis stepper motor drivers. Combined with the printer’s sturdy aluminum frame, this feature should reduce vibrations, and therefore minimize Z-wobble, resulting in a smoother finish of prints.

Particularly when having the CR-10 S5’s build volume capacity in mind, a welcomed feature.

Patented Bearing System

The wheels on the CR-10 S5 go round and round (Source: Creality)

Another feature, the CR-10 S5 spots, is the upgraded bearing system. The manufacturer even advertises it as a patented technology for the XYZ aluminum V-slot bearing. As mentioned above, a 3D printer’s printing quality is, to some extent, depending on how much the machine is bucking and jerking when running.

With Creality’s high precision bearing, the printer should run more smoothly and less noisy.

New Circuit Board

200 hours printing test passed – the new circuit board (Source: Creality)

An additional feature, the manufacturer advertises, is the newly upgraded industrial-grade circuit board. This should allow the printer to print stably up to 200 hours without any hick-ups. Especially when considering the CR-10 S5’s build volume, long prints, lasting two to three days, can be on the agenda. And the machine should handle them without a problem.

Further Features

Additional features include:

  • Easily assemblable setup
  • Separated control unit and power supply — allowing for greater flexibility when setting up your printing space.
  • Resume print function — In case of a power outage, there is no need to start over
  • Filament runout detection — Ensures that the print is finished successfully
  • Upgraded MK10 nozzle — Capable of handling many different filaments

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