PostProcess Technologies secures Japanese reseller

PostProcess Technologies has announced its first distribution partner in Japan as it enters the Asian market.

K.K. IRISU, an industrial machinery and technologies trade specialist, will now represent the post-processing solutions provider throughout Japan. The company provides a range of 3D printing and 3D scanning equipment to the Japanese market, including products from BigRep, Roboze and Shining 3D.

PostProcess has thus adjudged K.K. IRISU to be an assured resale partner and will now see its product portfolio, which includes post-processing platforms for an array of 3D printing processes, sold into Japan. The New York-based vendor offers a range of surface finishing and support removal machines which support 3D printing platforms from the likes of Stratasys, 3D Systems, HP, Carbon, Desktop Metal, EOS, GE Additive, and more. Each of its products are automation ready and harness a software-based approach to help reduce cycle time, decrease manual labour and achieve greater consistency in the post-processing of printed parts.

As PostProcess looks to expand its install base around the world, it has sought the assistance of a company with a wealth of expertise in the distribution of 3D printing technologies into a growing region.

“PostProcess has been a pioneer in our market segment, leading the way with a full-stack approach to post-printing unlike any other. That’s why we’ve chosen K.K. IRISU, another pioneer with an exceptional legacy, for its experience and expertise to service our growing global customer base in Japan,” commented Bruno Bourget, Managing Director of PostProcess Technologies International.

“K.K. IRISU’s main objective is to educate the Japanese market in additive manufacturing and to continue to be the solution provider for the Japanese 3D manufacturing world,” added Dr Frank Obermdorff, President of K.K. IRISU. “We feel that adding PostProces Technologies to our line-up will help assist the Japanese market to compete with other countries in additive manufacturing, as well as globally maintain the high standards of the tag ‘Made in Japan.’”

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