2020 Best Laser Cutting Software (Some Are Free)

If you’re looking to maximize your materials, ProNest is the best laser cutting software for you.

In laser cutting, nesting means fitting your design pieces together as close as possible on the sheet of material you are going to cut. This helps you minimize waste, cost, and the time it takes to reset your laser cutter for another sheet.

ProNest makes this easy with several key features as a laser cutting software. First, you have your choice of manually nesting your design, or letting ProNest do it automatically as you work. ProNet makes automatic adjustments as you tweak your design, and it gives you detailed reports so you can adjust your future processes as you see fit.

It also supports other cutting processes like plasma, oxyfuel, and waterjet, so if you’re looking to expand beyond laser cutting but want to keep the same productivity, ProNest works.

  • Created by: Hypertherm
  • Cost: $1600
  • Best for: Making the most out of what you’ve got

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