3D Systems teams with CollPlant on 3D bioprinting solutions

3D Systems has announced a collaboration with CollPlant Biotechnologies, a regenerative medicine company focused on 3D bioprinting of tissues and organs, to jointly develop tissue and scaffold printing processes for third party collaborators.

The agreement, announced today, aims to play a “pivotal role” in facilitating breakthroughs in the biomedical industry by bringing together the additive manufacturing leader’s healthcare expertise and Israel-based CollPlant’s proprietary recombinant human collagen (rhCollagen) BioInk technology.

“3D Systems is excited to work with CollPlant to develop groundbreaking bioprinted tissue and scaffold technologies,” said Chuck Hull, co-founder and chief technology officer, 3D Systems. “We believe 3D printing to be a key technology for regenerative medicine, and this collaboration is one of many we are entering to play an integral role in this exciting field. Combining our innovative 3D printing technologies with CollPlant’s rhCollagen based BioInks has the potential to make a significant impact in bioprinting and regenerative medicine.”

3D Systems already has an extensive portfolio of medical-focused 3D printing solutions including hardware for medical device and model manufacturing, surgical planning devices and a dedicated healthcare centre in Littleton, Colorado. Through this new partnership, the two companies will explore integrated bioprinting solutions using 3D Systems 3D printing technology and CollPlant’s bio materials for both their own products and use within third parties.

“We strongly believe that our proven rhCollagen is the finest building block for regenerative medicine tissues and scaffolds available today,” Yehiel Tal, chief executive officer of CollPlant, stated. “As the leading additive manufacturing  printing solutions company, 3D Systems is the perfect partner for us. Together, we can offer the best combined technology for 3D bioprinting. We are honoured to have established this important collaboration and we look forward to working together to advance 3D bioprinting technology to the commercial phase.”

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