2020 Tronxy X5SA Pro 3D Printer: Review the Specs

At a glance, the Tronxy X5SA Pro may not look quite different from its predecessor. It essentially has the same CoreXY frame design and generous 330 x 330 x 400 mm build volume.

But the manufacturer has actually put quite a bit of an effort upgrading this 3D printer, improving the frame, adding new features, and tweaking some things under the hood as well.

Let’s go over the features and compare the Tronxy X5SA Pro to the Tronxy X5SA and original Tronxy X5S.

Upgraded Design: More Metal, Less Problems

One of the most notable upgrades found in the Tronxy X5SA Pro is the frame design. One of the most common complaints about previous models was that the acrylic mounts were fragile and prone to breakage.

To repair this issue, Tronxy has replaced most of these thermoplastic parts with metal components. According to one review on Amazon, the Tronxy X5SA Pro only contains a total of four acrylic parts now, the rest of the machine is made of aluminum and sheet metal.

The manufacturer has also integrated a double-axis guide rail, improving the stability and precision of the printer’s performance.

It’s important to note that the Tronxy X5SA Pro is still a DIY kit that will take anywhere between three to five hours to assemble, depending on your experience level. The idea of building a 3D printer from scratch may scare off novice-level makers, but there’s an instruction manual, as well as additional online resources that should guide you along the way.

User-Friendly Features

Aside from the design improvements, the Tronxy X5SA Pro also has a nice selection of features that, admittedly, can also be found on the Tronxy X5SA model. Nonetheless, these attributes will make the overall process a breeze for both beginners and more knowledgeable users.

One feature that is quite unusual for 3D printer’s in the price range is the auto-leveling sensor, making the usually frustrating bed leveling process more easy to deal with. Equipped with a detachable print bed, users can quickly remove 3D models once the printing process is complete – simply snap off the print and snap on the bed.

Other intriguing functions carried over from the Tronxy X5SA include print resume function, which protects users from power outages ruining their print progress, as well as filament run-out detection.

Titan Extruder and Other Upgraded Accessories

Perhaps the most important distinction between the Tronxy X5SA Pro and Tronxy X5SA is the addition of a Titan extruder. With a tighter filament path, this new and improved extruder allows users to print with flexible materials like TPU.

According to the manufacturer, the Tronxy X5SA Pro also has an updated 3.5-inch touchscreen display, which is supposedly easier to navigate and has a cleaner interface.

The integrated wiring design keeps users from encountering a messy web, providing a clean and direct connection in the printer. It also has a 24V power supply, which should successfully satisfy any issues with the length of time it took to heat up the print bed on the original Tronxy X5S.

Lastly, you can use USB and an SD card to upload 3D models to the printer. Tronxy has also made it possible to print via WiFi, but the WiFi module has to be purchased and installed separately.

So, How Does it Differ From the Tronxy X5SA? 

While the Tronxy X5SA Pro and Tronxy X5SA share many of the same perks, such as auto-leveling, filament run-out detection, and the same print volume, the primary improvements rest in the printer’s performance.

For starters, the double guide rail system is said to provide more stability, making for more accurate prints. The addition of more metal components equals a more sturdy overall frame design, addressing the problems that users reported about the acrylic parts.

Last but certainly not least, the inclusion of the Titan extruder enables users to print with a more expansive list of 3D printing filaments, specifically flexible materials like TPU.

Depending on where you’re shopping, the Tronxy X5SA Pro can cost anywhere from $40 to $100+ more than its predecessor. This may seem like a steep increase in price, but many users seem satisfied with the upgraded frame and Titan extruder.

Whether it’s worth the extra investment for the spruced-up version of this 3D printer is entirely dependent on your needs. If you like the large print volume but want to print higher quality models with more advanced materials, it may be worth opting for the Tronxy X5SA Pro.

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