The E3D Hemera – a Detailed Review

In today’s video, I unbox, setup, and run lots of tests on the new E3D Hemera (formerly Hermes). Through these detailed tests, I let you know if this is the extruder to end all extruders.

Purchase (some are affiliate links):
Hemera UK:
Fiberflex 30D:
Nylon X:
Filamentech CFPLA:
Polylite PLA:
Cable management:
3D Printing Failures book:

My video detailing extruders:

Design Files Used:
Hemera Mount for CR-10 Type Printers:
Hemera Fan Mount (my favorite):
Stretch Arm Strong (not very stretchy):
Variable Density Insole:
Recreus Sandals:
CR-10 Belt Tension:
The Bearded Yell:
NFL Coaster: Just search for your team + Coaster on Thingiverse.

Specs: 0:30
Setup (and problems): 3:13
First Print: 7:45
Pushing the Limit with Larger Nozzle: 8:44
Pros and Cons: 11:41

Calibrate your Extruder:
More on E-Steps:
Article on E-Steps:
There is also a section in my book for checking and calibrating E-Steps.

Background Music by Joakim Karud

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