Argentina’s Trideo unveils new Dual T 3D printer series

Trideo, an Argentina-based 3D printer manufacturer, is approaching the release of its latest product, the Dual T 3D printer series. The industrial 3D printer series, developed and constructed entirely in Argentina, is now available for pre-order with a rebate of up to 20%.

The upcoming Trideo Dual T series is equipped with IDEX technology, a closed and heated print area, 32-bit DUET electronics with web interface, high performance extruders and more. Other notable features of the new 3D printer include self-levelling and access to a lifetime Simplify 3D license. The 3D printer also comes with full technical and customer support.

Trideo Dual T 3D printer

Trideo will offer its Dual T 3D printers in two versions: the T-300, which will retail for about $6,000, and the T-500, available for about $7,500. As part of the pre-order campaign, Trideo is offering a 20% discount to early customers.

For Trideo, the release of the new 3D printer series shows the company’s commitment to growing the additive manufacturing market within Argentina. The industrial-grade Dual T systems will offer the local market—as well as broader AM market—an additional option for professional 3D printing applications.

“As time and materials are two of the main hurdles to the implementation of 3D printing in the industry, we are convinced that these machines will play a fundamental role in our growth and in the adoption of technology in Argentina,” said Nicolas Berenfeld, Co-Founder of Trideo. “This development puts us at the same level of quality as the best brands of 3D prosumer printers at the global level and show that with a great team and a lot of work the political/economic context does not prevent you from moving forward.”

The imminent release of the Dual T 3D printer series will expand Trideo’s existing range of 3D printers. Today, the Latin American company’s portfolio consists of hobbyist grade printers (the PRINTbox and PRINTbox MAX), professional 3D printers (PRINTbox PRO and PRINTbox PRO extended) and an industrial system (the BIG-T).

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