CELLINK partnership advances bioprinting technologies in space

Just over a year after publishing our last story about bioprinting missions in space, CELLINK (MA, USA) has announced a partnership with Made In Space Inc. (CA, USA) to develop advanced bioprinting technologies out of this world…

In combining Made in Space’s expertise with additive manufacturing in microgravity with CELLINK’s infamous bioprinting technologies, the collaboration aims to leverage the microgravity environment to investigate strategies for improving drug screening and cancer research.

CELLINK Co-Founder and CEO, Erik Gatenholm explained:

CELLINK supports space programs in the United States with our deep commitment to cutting-edge innovation, extensive portfolio of technologies and world-class team of scientists and engineers. We are excited to partner with Made In Space to refine bioprinting technologies that can support and enhance future missions in spaceflight and space exploration.”

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In combining technological expertise and development opportunities, including the International Space Station, for example, the collaboration will further be investigating the potential for bioprinting to mitigate health and safety risks on long-duration spaceflights missions. For example, bioprinting optimized for environments in space could one day lead to the printing of skin and bone tissues for wound healing in an environment where medical facilities are not readily available.


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