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Tractus3D expands product range for its high-temperature 3D printers 

Not too long ago we told you about Tractus3D’s high-temperature 3D printing solutions for high-performance materials such as PEEK, PEKK and ULTEM. Daniël van Mourik, the Chief Technical Officer and Founder of the Danish company explained: “Six years ago I made my first Delta printer with a build volume of 370 x 600 mm, which was very big at that time.  Following this, I saw a new challenge, high-temperature 3D printers. I decided to take on this new challenge and start a new company, this is how in March 2015, Tractus3D was born.” Bringing to the market a solution that combines high-temperature and a large build volume represents the companies’ aim to respond to the professional needs of those in the industry. 

The manufacturer has brought three series to the market, the DESK, the PRO and the LARGE VOLUME series. In its PRO series, it counts two 3D printers, the T650P and the T850P, both of these machines have been designed to work with high-performance thermoplastics in order to create strong yet light parts. As part of its expansion in this market, Tractus3D brought some new features to the T850P, revealed during this year’s largest fair for additive manufacturing, Formnext.

The Mohawk is a functional filament warmer and holder for the T850P, T850 and T1250 | Credits: Tractus3D

More specifically the T850P is a Delta 3D printer, which enables a printing speed of up to 200 mm/s and a print volume of 300 x 380 mm. The Mohawk is the new release for this 3D printer, it is a functional filament warmer and holder. Thanks to its heated chamber, it can dry and warm the filament, an important feature for materials such as PEEK since they react to humidity in the air. The Mohawk can hold up to two small spools for dual extrusion, or one big one. 

Another addition unveiled at the fair for the T850P is the Base, a utility stand which ensures the perfect working height for you printer and stores the most important materials you need for making 3D prints. Depending on the printer it stores up to two 8kg spools, or multiple small ones, your spatula, 3D lac spray, extra print heads, etc.

The Base is a utility stand which ensures the perfect working height for you printer and stores important materials | Credits: Tractus3D

For its LARGE VOLUME series, Tractus3D manufactures the T3500 3D printer. An impressive machine, especially in person, capable of printing parts up to 2.1 meters high. The latest printhead developed for the T3500 is called the F033L. It will be able to print up to 300 mm/s, making it 6 times faster than the previous printhead for this machine. 

The new extruder is called the F033L | Credits: Tractus3D

 Finally, the manufacturer’s DESK series are office-friendly solutions, still professional systems but boasting a smaller build volume to create small and detailed parts. This series counts the T650, the T850 and the T1250. The Mohawk and the Base products can also be integrated into these machines, more precisely into the T850 and the T1250. 

At Formnext, 3Dnatives had the opportunity to see these machines in person. In the following video, you will get to have a peek at what they look like and some of their features! You can also find more information on Tractus3D’s website HERE

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