Siemens signs cooperation agreement with Göteborg Energi to test renewable fuels

Siemens signs cooperation agreement with Göteborg Energi to test renewable fuels
Siemens will utilise an SGT-800 test turbine for the validation of additively manufactured burners, allowing for testing of different fossil-free fuels (Courtesy Siemens AG)

AG, headquartered in Munich, Germany, and energy company, Göteborg Energi,
Gothenburg, Sweden, have signed a cooperation agreement with the aim of
testing state-of-the-art gas turbine technology that enables the operation of
renewable fuels in the Rya combined heat and power (CHP) plant, currently
powered by natural gas.

part of the agreement, an SGT-800 test turbine has been installed at the Rya
CHP plant for the validation of additively manufactured burners which would
then allow for testing of different fossil-free fuels in the plant. The
production of gas turbine burners using AM reportedly makes a decisive
contribution to accelerating the research and development process for new
technologies that contribute to a greener energy supply.

states that the Additive Manufacturing team within Siemens Gas & Power have
recently initiated the development of a new accelerated validation process for
new technologies and components, which is already said to be working in the Rya
CHP plant. The special test engine is installed at the plant to support new developments. The
Rya combined cycle power plant was delivered turnkey by Siemens in 2006 and
includes three SGT-800 gas turbines.

to Siemens, there is global demand for new climate-smart solutions and the
company believes its technology and solutions are addressing this need. For
example, converting a coal power plant into a modern gas-fired combined cycle
power plant, such as the Rya CHP plant in Gothenburg, can reportedly reduce
carbon dioxide emissions by about two-thirds. By co-burning natural gas with an
increasing share of hydrogen or biofuel, emissions can then be further reduced

Rya CHP plant plays an important role in Gothenburg’s electricity supply,”
stated Alf Engqvist, CEO of Göteborg Energi. “Working together with
Siemens we want to explore the possibilities for the conversion of both
electric power and heat production as pieces of the puzzle in our work for
fossil-free energy independence.”

our collaboration with Göteborg Energi we see the possibility to verify the
viability of several different renewable fuels, such as hydrogen, on a larger
scale, first in Sweden and then in other parts of the world,” commented
Thorbjoern Fors, CEO of Siemens Distributed Generation and Oil & Gas
Services Business. “With this cooperation, Göteborg Energi and the Rya CHP
plant are driving innovation toward new solutions and green power together with

continued, “Our goal is to run the SGT-600, -700 and -800 gas turbine
combustors 100% fossil free, for example with hydrogen, in the near future.
This is a unique cooperation between Siemens and a customer that can
demonstrate the varied possibilities for sustainable and cost-effective fuels
as our industry and societies look to reduce
carbon emissions around the world.”

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