M. Holland Company to distribute Henkel 3D printing materials

M. Holland Company has announced it has become a distributor of LOCTITE branded 3D printing materials.

It represents M. Holland’s fourth such partnership in the additive manufacturing sector, having also agreed to distribute 3DXTECH’s material range, Owens Corning’s XSTRAND line of fibreglass-reinforced products, and BASF’s portfolio of 3D printing materials since 2018. Through the partnership with Henkel, M. Holland will provide its clients with access to UV-curable silicone elastomeric resins, as well as ultra-clear, durable, high-impact, high-temperature and general-purpose materials.

Both companies have increased their play in the additive manufacturing market in recent years, with M. Holland investing in resources across its Pennsylvania-based Technical Innovation Center and Illinois-located Additive Manufacturing Laboratory, and Henkel continuing to expand its materials portfolio. So far, the company has made available four prototyping materials and six production materials under its LOCTITE brand, while also developing a fire-resistant photopolymer in collaboration with Origin.   

“Henkel’s customer-centred approach combined with our additive manufacturing expertise supports the qualification of new materials for various technologies and applications,” commented Haleyanne Freedman, Market Manager, 3D Printing at M. Holland. “M. Holland’s partnership with Henkel will help guide our clients in realising a wide range of endeavours in additive manufacturing.”

“Henkel is excited to bring M. Holland on board as our 3D distribution partner,” offered Sam Bail, Head of 3D Printing North America at Henkel Corporation. “M. Holland has expertise in polymer materials and its use in traditional manufacturing, including moulding and machining. With the addition of LOCTITE 3D resins to the M. Holland portfolio, we believe the partnership will provide M. Holland’s clients new opportunities to use additive manufacturing in their organisations.”

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