Lancôme reimagines classic design with 3D printed, limited edition fragrance

The packaging industry has been a keen adopter of 3D printing technologies. Especially in the luxury market, additive manufacturing has created new possibilities for bespoke or limited series products. Last week, for instance, Formula 1 launched a 3D printed F1 fragrance collection designed by Ross Lovegrove, which exemplifies how AM can be used for original (and frankly stunning) product packaging.

Formula 1 isn’t the only one to use 3D printing for fragrances. Earlier this year, French luxury cosmetics and perfume house Lancôme unveiled a special edition of its Jasmins Marzipane perfume contained within a 3D printed bottle.

Lancôme 3D printed fragrance

The original perfume bottle is distinguished by its traditional rectangular glass shape and an etched jasmine floral pattern. This pattern, designed by artists Alex & Marine, was reimagined for the special edition bottle as a three-dimensional artwork that encases the perfume bottle. As Lancôme says, the special edition bottle is evocative of a jasmine plant growing and rising on the trellis of a country garden.

The bottle decoration was 3D printed as a single piece and was crafted entirely in France, combining the country’s artisanal flair and additive know-how. Though we don’t know who Lancôme partnered with for the additive production, we do know that the fragrance packaging was 3D printed using a powder bed fusion process and was made from steel.

Lancôme 3D printed fragrance
(Photo: Lancôme)

According to the cosmetic house, each perfume casing required over 12 hours to 3D print and is marked with a special edition number (out of 50). Once printing was completed, each piece was hand polished by a local artisan and subsequently plated in 24 carat gold.

The company in charge of creating Lancôme’s glass perfume bottles was then tasked with assembling the special edition fragrance bottles before sending them back to Lancôme where each bottle was filled by hand with its iconic scent.

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