Digital Alloys announces Carl Calabria as Chief Technology Officer

Digital Alloys has announced the appointment of Carl Calabria as its Chief Technology Officer.

Carl Calabria, formerly the Head of Engineering at Formlabs, will oversee the commercialisation of Digital Alloys’ Joule Printing in his new role. He has also previously held a position in the engineering department of fellow 3D printing vendors Markforged, as well as the likes of iRobot, Sonos and Avid.

Bringing Calabria on board is seen as a significant achievement by Digital Alloys, a company founded in 2017 after spinning out of the NVLabs division of NVBOTS. He will have overall responsibility for both research and engineering at the Massachusetts-based company, working closely with Elad Taig, Digital Alloys’ VP of Engineering.

“Attracting Carl to Digital Alloys was a coup for us,” commented Duncan McCallum, CEO of Digital Alloys. “He brings extensive experience commercialising additive manufacturing and other cutting-edge technologies, and has a track record of building and leading strong organisations.”

“Leaving Formlabs was a difficult decision,” added Calabria, “but I was drawn to the size of Digital Alloys’ market, the team, and the opportunity to use Joule Printing to deliver metal printing solutions that have the speed, cost and quality needed for volume manufacturing of larger parts. The remarkable technology is producing titanium and tool steel parts faster and at a lower cost than conventional manufacturing processes.”

Joule Printing is Digital Alloys flagship and patented additive manufacturing process. It uses commodity wire, rather than powders, as the raw material and sees a current pushed through it to melt the material, which is laid down and fused to form fully dense metal parts. There is said to be no need for sintering, binding or debinding. By removing these steps from the printing process, Digital Alloys believes Joule Printing can provide optimal speed, cost and repeatability.

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