GE Additive announces Arcam PRS 30 powder recovery station



GE Additive has unveiled the Arcam PRS 30, a new automated powder recovery station said to offer a closed system to prevent powder exposure for operators working in industrial additive manufacturing environments.  

The Arcam PRS 30 includes an automated blasting stage, with self-diagnostics and easier trouble shooting. The system also offers automatic cleaning of the blast chamber with exchangeable cyclone and tubes.

“Customers shifting to serial additive production increasingly look to us to take and integrated, system-wide approach, and that usually includes guidance on safe and efficient powder handling. We are able to respond quickly to customer demands with solutions such as the Arcam PRS-30, by relying both on extensive collective experience with powder manufacturing and handling, and expertise in industrial automation and EHS across GE Additive,” stated Karl Lindblom, general manager, Arcam EBM.

The Arcam PRS 30 will be manufactured at the GE Additive Arcam EBM facility in Gothenburg, Sweden and is reported to be available for order now, with first deliveries expected in Q2 2020.

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