Formnext Live 2019 – Day 1

Product launches and announcements from Additive Industries

During a press breakfast this morning, Additive Industries made a number of significant announcements, including the launch of two product launches at Formnext. The first, an industrialised powder load tool (PLT) offers automated powder loading and unloading to eliminate manual powder handling. The second is an uprade to the MetalFAB1 system, titled U20-1, with a new and improved primary nozzle, exhaust manifold and side shields; updated machine control software; and improved usability and user support.

The company also announced a new partnership, as Fraunhofer joins its customer base to collaborate on the integration of L-PBF into industrial process chains, and the launch of the not-for-profit ‘AM Quality Cooperative’, a cooperative of Additive Industries and its customers to source, qualify, supply and manage metal powders for AM.

Available to view at Additive Industries’ stand are the results of a commissioned study by AMPower, which evaluated the MetalFAB1 in comparison with fifteen competing Laser and Electron Beam Powder Bed Fusion (EB and L-PBF) machines for the production of four typical Ti-64 parts. For all four parts, the MetalFAB1 was found to have the lowest cost-per-part.

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Dyndrite introduces new AM build processor

The company’s AMT software is built upon its Accelerated Computation Engine (ACE), an innovative GPU-powered geometry kernel, and provides powerful manufacturing-oriented features. Reported capabilities include native CAD file import for maximum quality of additively manufactured output, as well as an integrated Python application programming interface (API) for customisable scripting of interactive, automated workflows.

The Dyndrite Accelerated Computation Engine is a genuine paradigm shift and promises to do for 3D printing what Adobe and PostScript did for 2D printing in the 1980s” – Harshil Goel, founder and CEO, Dyndrite.

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What to look forward to at Formnext

Meltio to debut ‘4D manufacturing’ technology

Referred to as a ‘4D manufacturing’ with ‘3E Metal Deposition’ technology, the company will offer a new deposition head capable of building fully-dense parts from wire and powder simultaneously, without the need for nozzle changes. Read the full story. 


Admatec launches Admaflex 300 system for production of large-scale parts

Admatec Europe BV, Goirle, the Netherlands, has launched the Admaflex 300, which it states is the world’s first flexible and open system for high-volume metal and ceramic additively manufactured parts. The system will be showcased for the first time at Formnext. Read the full story. 


Link3D offers fully-integrated AM workflows with Autodesk

With the new integrated workflow, Link3D Additive MES connects bi-directionally into Autodesk® Fusion 360® and Autodesk Netfabb® and can be used in the downstream production process to manually alter and control the data preparation at all stages. This helps ensure proper versioning and access control, while the cloud-based process helps to ensure that no local files are created at any preparation stage. Read the full story.


SPEE3D to launch new SPEE3Dcell at Formnext 2019

SPEE3D’s live production demonstration at Rapid + TCT in Detroit, Michigan, USA, May 2019 (Courtesy SPEE3D)


SPEE3D to launch new SPEE3Dcell

The SPEE3Dcell combines a SPEE3D machine with a heat treatment furnace and a three-axis CNC milling machine. For the duration of Formnext, it will be demonstrated live, as it builds sparkless copper hammers at six minutes per hammer, finishes and assembles them on the trade show floor, showcasing its speed, affordability and scalability. Read the full story.


EOS will demonstrate its Shared Modules solution for AM

The company states that the various modules plus transport systems and control centre software enable users to implement equipping, unpacking, transporting and sieving activities in parallel with the AM build process on the EOS M 400 seires. A manual and automated EOS Shared Modules set-up are available for this purpose. Read the full story.


AMCM will exhibit a full-size Launcher E-2 combustion chamber mock-up

The copper alloy chamber was produced for Launcher, Inc. It is said to be the largest liquid rocket engine combustion chamber additively manufactured in a single part, measuring 86 cm tall with an exit nozzle diameter of 41 cm. Read the full story.


Launcher’s E-2 rocket engine features a combustion chamber additively manufactured from copper in a single part (Courtesy Launcher Inc)


GFMS & 3D Systems will showcase their combined metal AM parts and solutions

To highlight the benefits of their jointly developed metal AM workflow, GF Machining Solutions and 3D Systems will showcase two metal additively manufactured parts; a spinal fusion cage for orthopaedic surgery and a lightweight bracket used in the aerospace industry for satellite technology. Read the full story.


Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing Standards Forum

For the second time since its first appearance on the programme at Formnext 2018, an Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing Standards Forum will take place at Formnext on November 19. Organised by the U.S. Commercial Service, the forum will bring together experts from industry, research institutions, standards development organisations, professional societies, and government to address key themes focused on standards development in Additive Manufacturing technologies. Read the full story.


Fehrmann Alloys will exhibit its AlMgty high-performance alloy

AlMgty is said to offer a tensile strength of 355 Mpa, yield strength of 220 MPa, and elongation of 19% as-built. It is resistant to corrosion and anodizable, and does not rely on expensive alloying components such as scandium. Read the full story.


BeAM will showcase its new generation of DED machines

BeAM will exhibit its new generation of DED machines, the Modulo 250 and Modulo 400. There will also be a demonstration of how the Modulo 250 machine can be installed in the Flexcare Anywhere Factory, a modular and mobile factory concept offered by AddUp Group Read the full story.


BeAM to showcase new generation of DED machines at Formnext 2019

BeAM will present the new features of its Modulo 400 system as well as the Modulo 250 as part of its showcase at Formnext 2019 (Courtesy BeAM)


Fehrmann Alloys will exhibit its AlMgty high-performance alloy

AlMgty is said to offer a tensile strength of 355 Mpa, yield strength of 220 MPa, and elongation of 19% as-built. It is resistant to corrosion and anodizable, and does not rely on expensive alloying components such as scandium. Read the full story.


The winners of the 2019 Purmundus Challenge will be announced

The awards given to the winners are said to be worth a total of €30,000. In addition to the first three places, a ‘special mention’ and an ‘innovation prize’ will also be given. One finalist will also be awarded the prize for the ‘people’s choice’, voted for by visitors to Formnext 2019. Check out the full list of metal AM finalists.





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