Dyndrite introduces new Additive Manufacturing build processor at Formnext 2019

Dyndrite Corporation, a software developer based in Seattle, USA, has introduced its new Additive Manufacturing Toolkit (AMT) and accelerated production preparation build processor for AM at Formnext 2019, taking place in Frankfurt, Germany, from November 19—22. The company also announced its ‘Magic Amnesty Program’, a limited-time offer for metal and industrial plastic Additive Manufacturing users.

The company‘s AMT software is built upon its Accelerated Computation Engine (ACE), an innovative GPU-powered geometry kernel, and provides powerful manufacturing-oriented features. Reported capabilities include native CAD file import for maximum quality of additively manufactured output, as well as an integrated Python application programming interface (API) for customisable scripting of interactive, automated workflows.

According to Dyndrite, its ACE geometry kernel and AMT build processor were designed using a ‘First Principles’ approach, leveraging modern methodologies and technologies to meet the requirements of production-oriented customers in the aerospace, medical, automotive, energy and service bureau markets. The company explains that it enables users to manage terabytes of manufacturing data, additively manufacture higher-order geometries such as splines and dynamically adjust parts in-situ to increase both throughput and quality.

Dyndrite states that its architecture is a horizontal, scalable solution that provides a new foundation for software developers seeking to drive value across the varied and growing list of AM applications, including improved Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Product Data Management (PDM) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), topology optimisation, simulation, and other predictive printing technologies that inform users of the ‘printability’ of objects before and during production.

The software includes the following capabilities:

  • Multi-threaded CPU/GPU performance said to reduce compute time from hours to seconds
  • Hybrid geometry kernel said to be capable of hosting any geometry type without demoting to lower quality triangles
  • Ability to prepare files for any vector or raster AM process including Laser Powder Bed Fusion (L-PBF) and Binder Jetting
  • Ability to directly output spline data to devices that support it (currently in OEM testing)
  • Ability to handle very large datasets beyond 225M STLs (> 10 GB verified)
  • Accelerated lattice and support generation, reducing development time
  • Flexible part labelling while retaining original geometries
  • Python interface for scripting workflow, including interactive applications; leveraging both a graphical user interface (GUI) and Python scripting interface
  • Ability to ‘Save as Python’, enabling non-technical, non-Python users to work in the GUI and easily produce Python code that can be ‘rerun’ by anyone, reproducing workflows previously created within the GUI

The company explains that it is focused on five key market segments: aerospace, automotive, energy, medical and service bureaux. ACE and AMT are currently available for independent software vendors (ISVs) or original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to white label. The company also works directly with OEMs to take advantage of and extend the characteristics of their hardware. The Magic Amnesty Program ends at midnight on April 10, 2020.

“The Dyndrite Accelerated Computation Engine is a genuine paradigm shift and promises to do for 3D printing what Adobe® and PostScript® did for 2D printing in the 1980s,” stated Harshil Goel, founder and CEO of Dyndrite. “2D printing technology went from low-quality bitmaps to smooth splines, something that was only possible thanks to PostScript.”

“We intend to set off a similar revolution – 3D printers powered by the Dyndrite ACE will totally reshape the productivity of design and manufacturing as we have known them,” he continued. “The ambitions of additive users such as those in aerospace deserve more than ‘business as usual’ and we have delivered that for partners and customers through the best possible tech.”

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