Henkel Loctite 3D printing materials to be used by Shapeways

Henkel has struck an exclusive partnership with Shapeways which will enhance the accessibility of its Loctite 3D printing materials.

The partners plan to showcase the opportunity this collaboration affords at the upcoming Formnext show.

Henkel launched its portfolio of materials under the Loctite brand a year ago today and has since introduced a host of prototyping and production resins as it aims to facilitate large scale additive manufacturing. Among its production materials is a high temperature resin which boasts a heat deflection temperature of 185°C, three high impact resins for tooling and fixture applications, and two elastomeric silicone resins for flexible components. These materials can be processed on a number of open 3D printing platforms, with Henkel aligning with such companies as Origin.

With Shapeways, Henkel has agreed to a multi-step programme called ‘Loctite powered by Shapeways’ which has seen the launch of this landing page where customers can immediately order a variety of predefined Loctite demo parts. As the partnership develops, Shapeways will take orders for prototyping, tooling and end use applications using Loctite materials.

“We are excited about the collaboration with Shapeways as a leading technology platform for customised 3D printing solutions,” commented Philipp Loosen, Head of 3D Printing at Henkel. “Combining Shapeways’ technology and production expertise with our materials know-how and industry access enables a powerful combination for the large-scale 3D printing of customised Loctite parts. Based on the partnership, we will launch a digital platform leveraging novel opportunities to its global customers for Loctite solutions in 3D printing through Shapeways’ existing platform integration.”

“Our goal at Shapeways is to simplify product creation by empowering businesses to bring innovative ideas to life, from design through production and scale,” added Greg Kress, CEO at Shapeways. “Shapeways is eager to leverage Henkel’s tremendous deep industry knowledge and provide a B2B manufacturing solution to further enable Henkel to scale the accessibility of its 3D printing materials to a wider global customer base. Henkel is experiencing incredible continuous growth and provides accessibility to a wide variety of sectors, just one of the many reasons we’re excited to partner with them.”

Henkel will showcase its partnership with Shapeways at Formnext in Hall 12.1, Stand C41 between November 19-22.

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