Asus Tinker Board S Controller Board: Review the Specs

Powerful Processing

The Tinker Board S offers some of the most powerful computing power in its class, boasting a quad-core ARM-based CPU (the Rockchip RK3288), running at up to 1.8 GHz, and a dedicated ARM-based GPU (the Mali-T760 MP4). This impressive repertoire of processors means that the Tinker Board S will be able to sustain much more powerful loads and graphics, able to handle “high-quality media playback, gaming, computer vision, gesture recognition, image stabilization and processing… computational photography”, as touted by Asus. Backing this up are 2 GB of LPDDR3 dual-channel memory and 16 GB of onboard storage to ensure smooth performance and swift file reads and writes.

Media Consumption

As already alluded to with the powerful GPU, the Tinker Board S features impressive features for media consumption. To output graphics, the board has built-in HDMI CEC hardware and software for improved video output and interfacing, requiring only one remote for controlling from TV output.

Aside from its ability to process graphics, the Tinker Board S can deliver high-definition audio, a feature lacking in many other SBCs. The included audio codec supports up to 24-bit, 192 kHz audio, and the audio jack can manage both audio output and a microphone input. The board will even automatically detect when a device is plugged into the audio jack and switch modes accordingly.


The Tinker Board S has many of the connectivity options we’ve come to expect from SBCs: the aforementioned HDMI port and audio jack, Gigabit LAN, four USB 2.0 ports, integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, MIPI DSI for displays, MIPI CSI for cameras, and GPIO pins for further extension. This is all packed into the familiar Raspberry Pi form factor for greater compatibility with existing cases.

What is unique with the Tinker Board S’s design is the color-coding of the GPIO, designed to provide a “superior user experience” for makers.

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