Innovative, 3D-printed surgical solutions: an interview with Jason Laing


Jason Laing

On the 18 of March 2015, Jason Laing (Promake International; London, UK) was training for provincial and South African Track cycling champs on an outdoor velodrome oval track. During one of the training intervals at a speed of close to 60km per hour, Jason experienced a freak accident, suffering severe brain injuries along with 32 areas of his body either broken, dislocated, compressed or collapsed. 

Using 3D printing technology, Jason and his team were able to repair parts of his body, saving him an arm and a leg at risk of amputation. 3D printing and virtual reality also helped with his occupational therapy and mental rehabilitation. 

Jason has pioneered a combined approach involving metallurgy, chemical and biological sciences in the ‘re-incubation’ of mammalian bone and soft tissue stem cells within the human body via a bio-scaffolding system.

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