Scanlab to introduce all-in-one scan system for multi-head L-PBF machines at Formnext 2019

Scanlab to introduce all-in-one scan system for multi-head L-PBF machines at Formnext 2019
Scanlab’s new metal-based AM scan head, fiberSYS (Courtesy Scanlab GmbH)

Scanlab GmbH, a laser technology manufacturer headquartered in Puchheim, Germany, will introduce its new scan head for metal Additive Manufacturing, the fiberSYS, at Formnext 2019, Frankfurt, Germany, from November 19–22. The new scan system is said to offer an all-in-one solution enabling its users to quickly and easily create high-efficiency laser systems and scalable machine designs. It is configured for control via an RTC board, and for deflection of multi-KW single-mode fibre lasers.

The sealed dust-proof scan head also features a fibre adapter for direct connection of the laser, as well as a process monitoring interface. According to Scanlab, the head incorporates ultra-low-drift galvos with digital encoders, regulated using new generation servo electronics. In combination with its optimally designed mirrors, the system is reported to deliver exceptional imaging quality and high dynamic performance, and its pre-focus configuration with integrated z axis enables scan head usage without an F-Theta objective, reducing thermal drift.

“The 3D printing sector has been utilising multi-head machines for many years,” the company explained. “roductivity for large-area workpieces in particular can be significantly enhanced by combining multiple scan systems with high-overlap image fields. The new system was developed with this key relationship in mind.”

The new scan solution is expected to be available to order from the second quarter 2020. Scanlab stated that it will issue design recommendations for optimal usage of multiple scan heads, but that this is also an open, modular system platform which can be adapted flexibly to customer requirements.

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