TUM, Oerlikon, GE Additive and Linde establish AM research cluster in Bavaria

TUM, Oerlikon, GE Additive and Linde establish AM research cluster in Bavaria
From left to right: Dr Sven Hicken (Business Unit Head, Oerlikon AM), Prof Thomas Hofmann (President, TUM), Jason Oliver (President and CEO, GE Additive), Dr Wolfgang Dierker (CEO, GE Germany), Dr Christoph Laumen (Executive Director R&D, Linde AG), Prof Michael Suess (Chairman of the Board of Directors, Oerlikon Group), Dr Christian Haecker (Head of Industrialisation, Oerlikon AM), Dr Andreas Lessmann (Managing Director, GE Additive Germany GmbH, Senior Leader, Legal Operations), Dr Christian Bruch (Executive Vice President & CEO, Linde Engineering), Andreas Rohregger (Head of Global Properties, GE Additive), Dr Alice Beck (Deputy Director, TUM ForTe) (Courtesy Oerlikon)

The Technical University of Munich (TUM), Oerlikon, GE Additive and Linde have announced during the Munich Technology Conference (MTC3), October 8–10, 2019, that they will create an Additive Manufacturing cluster in Bavaria, Germany, in order to conduct research and develop AM technology from a single hub location.

companies and organisations that will comprise the open cluster will
provide collaborative efforts that are expected to help integrate AM into
the manufacturing process and enable companies to use the technology in their
production. The cluster also includes academic institutions and will be
open to additional participants in the future.

having all of the players located in a single hub, we are accelerating the
development and application of the technology for the various industries,”
stated Prof Michael Suess, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Oerlikon
Group. “Bavaria is the perfect place for us to house this initiative as it
promotes energy and production efficiency, which supports Germany’s
sustainability goals and the country’s desire to incorporate new

Roland Fischer, CEO of the Oerlikon Group commented, “The project is an
excellent example of close collaboration between industry, academia and
politics to innovate and industrialise a technology like Additive Manufacturing.
AM is a technology that supports our aim of providing sustainable solutions for
all industries.”

already enjoys a stellar reputation as a global hotspot for additive technology
– with a thriving ecosystem and a rich seam of talent,” explained Jason
Oliver, President and CEO of GE Additive. “We’re excited to be part of
this initiative from the very beginning and look forward to building on that
solid foundation and driving tangible impact both for the region itself and
further afield.”

see this opportunity to collaborate as a win for the companies and TUM, as well
as for the region,” reported Dr Christian Bruch, Member of the Executive
Board, CEO of Linde Engineering. “We expect the new hub will bring jobs to
the area, while also delivering new technologies and capabilities to the
companies located here.”

of the first initiatives provided by the AM cluster will enable Oerlikon
and TUM to create the The Additive Manufacturing Institute. The new research
institute will focus on interdisciplinary research in raw material powders,
optimised AM production and end-to-end process integration, including
automation and AM digitalisation. 

engineers and scientists will collaborate with researchers and students at
various TUM faculties (mainly mechanical engineering, but also chemical
engineering, the physics department and informatics) to address all aspects of
AM research and production. This will include the verification and
qualification of products and the development of new AM business models. 

Thomas Hofmann, President of TUM, explained, “An integrated collaboration
between powerful partners from industry and science is necessary for the
industrialisation of Additive Manufacturing processes. This is the only way we
will be able to overcome technological obstacles and find answers to unresolved
issues in the field of standardisation.”

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