XJet updates product line as it prepares to showcase metal and ceramic 3D printing systems at Formnext

XJet is to showcase the Carmel 1400M and Carmel 1400C additive manufacturing platforms for metals and ceramics at Formnext as it updates its product line.

Previously, the company has presented just one Carmel 1400 machine at trade shows, but with users unable to switch between ceramic and metal materials on the same platform, the slight adjustments to the branding will bring added clarity. Both the Carmel 1400M and 1400C NanoParticle Jetting machines will be featured on XJet’s Formnext stand, which will be its largest to date. 

“Formnext is always a high point on XJet’s calendar. Each year, we hit new milestones, and this is particularly evident at Formnext,” commented Dror Danai, CBO at XJet. “From Formnext, XJet will offer two systems, the Carmel 1400C devoted to ceramics and the Carmel 1400M dedicated to metals. While both systems use the same NanoParticle Jetting technology, they are different and have been optimised to handle the different materials. Both will be demonstrated on our booth throughout the show.”

Also on show will be a number of sample applications produced with the NanoParticle Jetting process in ceramic and metal materials, as well as a number of real-world use cases. Among the latter will be the University of Delaware’s low-cost, lightweight antenna, with the XJet team on hand to explain how researchers at the university are making the affordable deployment of the 5G network a reality. This new antenna design features complex geometry and requires smooth inner channels, both of which NanoParticle Jetting has been able to address.  

XJet will also spotlight Marvel Medtech, a US company working to develop a robotic intervention guidance system which works to freeze and destroy tiny breast cancer tumours before they can grow. Marvel MedTech is harnessing XJet technology to produce a ceramic cryotherapy probe, which, like University of Delaware’s antenna, features complex internal channels. Another feature of XJet’s stand will be the TCT Award-winning soluble support material for stainless steel.

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