Admatec adds vision-based process monitoring for metal & ceramic Additive Manufacturing

Admatec adds vision-based process monitoring for metal & ceramic Additive Manufacturing
The user interface for Admatec’s new vision-based process monitoring system (Courtesy Admatec Europe BV)

Admatec Europe BV, Goirle, the Netherlands, has added
vision-based process monitoring to its Admaflex 130 machine for metal and
ceramic Additive Manufacturing. The new feature has been specifically designed
for highly demanding fields such as the aerospace, biomedical and aesthetic
(cosmetic) industries, wherein high productivity and full traceability are

The vision-based system is said to allow a higher degree of
user control for the AM of metal and ceramic components through layer
detection, foil movement and time-lapse videos of builds. The result is that,
should one build in a series of 180 fail, the monitoring system will detect
this and rectify the failure for the remaining 179 parts, saving the time and
financial costs of a larger-scale build failure.

Jaco Saurwalt, COO at Admatec, stated, “We are constantly
working to improve, not only with new hardware and material development but
also in functionality and productivity, through software updates that aim at
benefitting our existing customer base while improving the efficiency of the

With the vision-based monitoring system, Saurwalt explained,
“Our customers are now able to trace back each step of the print with
additional log files that work as proof of the AM process particularly needed
for biomedical and aerospace applications.” While the monitoring system is
currently available to Admaflex 130 users as an add-on, it was stated that
future machines in the Admaflex series will be equipped with it as standard. 

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