3D Printed RC Plane Parts – 7 Best Sources

Hobbyist radio-controlled planes are prone to crashing, and sometimes acquiring specific replacement parts can be difficult. But with access to 3D printing, durable custom parts can be made on-demand, which is great news for the aspiring pilot.

3D printing suits this application well due to its ability to manufacture accurate, durable parts with little prior experience and cost on the user’s behalf. As materials and machines become more advanced, the line between prototype and end-use 3D printed parts gets increasingly blurred. Thus, there has never been a better time to 3D print replacement parts for RC aircraft.

In this article, we compile the best sources for 3D printed RC plane parts so your crashes don’t leave you grounded for long!

The Backup Plane Strategy

Sometimes, individual parts for specific plane models can be hard to find, so the easier solution is to use entire plane models as a spare copy of your aircraft. Hence we’ve included some sources which provide whole plane models which you can tear apart for spares, just to diversify the list.

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