Ender 3 Glass Bed – What to Consider & Which to Buy

For all of Creality’s Ender 3 greatness, there is one issue that’s quite prevalent among users online: Prints failing out of the box. Most of the time, this is caused by a warped bed, thus replacing the bed can be essential to the machine’s operation, even early on.

Even if your Ender’s bed is fine, however, you can still benefit from a glass bed since it’s a great surface for PLA, the material many users who choose this budget machine will be interested in. After all, glass makes the bottom surface of PLA models glossy and wonderful. Just bear in mind that you usually have to add some sort of adhesive agent to get other materials to stick to regular glass.

For more information, check out our articles on glass beds. But for now, let’s learn about getting a glass bed for the Ender 3.

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