3D Printer Material Cost – The Real Cost of 3D Printing Materials

TPU, or thermoplastic polyurethane, is a flexible filament that can be used to make RC car tires, shoes, and other rubber-like models. TPU is not the only type of flexible filament, and the category generally covers a wide price range.

Average price range for TPU, TPE, and soft PLA: $87–$110 per kg

Example products:

  • MatterHackers Pro TPU, a mid-range option, runs for around $97 per kilogram.
  • If you’ve got some extra cash to throw around, a high-end option is NinjaFlex TPU filament, which runs for around $110 per kilogram. MatterHackers TPE goes for around the same price.
  • The most affordable low-end option is soft PLA, which goes for around $87 per kilogram.

As you can see, prices for flexible filaments are generally above $75 per kilogram. However, less-expensive alternatives that are nearly as inexpensiveas PLA, ABS, and PETG are available. The main difference in price comes down to filament tolerance, hardness, and strength, and this can vary by brand and type.

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