Xometry adds Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis to additive manufacturing offering

Xometry has added Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) technology to its repertoire of additive manufacturing capabilities.

The on-demand manufacturing platform now boasts more than half a dozen 3D printing processes, complementing its CNC machining, urethane casting and injection moulding capacity, through a an expansive Manufacturing Partner Network. Among the additive processes offered are SLS, SLA, FDM, DMLS, PolyJet, Multi Jet Fusion and now DLS.

Xometry has sought to ensure Carbon’s DLS technology is offered through its service due to customer demand. It gives the company, and in turn its customer base, access to a portfolio of custom materials developed by the Silicon Valley company.

“We are very excited to add Carbon’s cutting-edge DLS technology to Xometry’s capabilities,” commented Bill Cronin, Xometry’s Chief Revenue Officer. “Our additive customers have been asking us for it due to its reputation for speed and quality.”

Customers will be able to get calculated prices, design feedback and estimated lead times on parts printed with DLS through Xometry’s Instant Quoting Engine immediately. This process allows users to upload 3D models in a series of formats, select the material of choice and the process of choice, before receiving the aforementioned details around time and cost. Users who don’t know which process they require are provided with the least expensive option automatically.

Xometry then harnesses the capabilities of its 3,000-strong network of partners to produce parts and ship them to customers. It’s a service that has attracted more than $100m of investment since it was founded and, off the back of its most-recent round of funding, is planning an expansion into Europe.

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