Kumovis announces availability of R1 3D printing system and partnership with Hyperganic

German additive manufacturing vendor Kumovis has announced its R1 3D printing system is now commercially available.

The Munich-based start-up believes its flagship product can have a significant impact in the healthcare sector, enabling medical technicians to produce implants tailored to the patient, as well as in industrial markets thanks to its ability to process a wide range of thermoplastic materials. Three machines are already in the hands of early access customers.

Kumovis’ R1 printer boasts a patented temperature management system which allows the build chamber to heat up to 250°C to improve the layer adhesion of prints. Its filter system enables ‘clean room integration’ which helps to avoid foreign particles causing defects in parts. Meanwhile, through a partnership with software developer Hyperganic, users of the machine will be able to better control print preparation and product orientation using Hyperganic Print’s ‘voxel engine’. Harnessing this software, users are said to be able to automate their design processes and gain greater control over the print parameters.

The result, Kumovis believes, is a product that is efficient and effective. It has raised a seven-digit sum during a seed financing round last year, continued to develop its R1 Printer with the medical space in mind, and, with the platform now available, is hoping to see the number of installations, and customised 3D printed implants, rise.

“With the Kumovis R1, we are excited to provide medical technologists with a resource-efficient additive manufacturing system that meets their high requirements and, what is more, leads Fused Layer Manufacturing processing of high-performance plastics to industrial maturity,” commented Kumovis co-founder Stefan Leonhardt. “In addition, with partners such as the software experts from Hyperganic, we will be able to provide rapid access to individualised medical products and consequently help creating added value for patients and doctors alike.”

Hyperganic Managing Director Lin Kayser added: “Hyperganic works closely with printer manufacturers to enable far-reaching innovations. From the beginning, I have been impressed by the vision of the Kumovis founders to reinvent additive manufacturing for medical applications through new materials and advanced process technology. We are convinced of that and look forward to intensifying our collaboration with them.”

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