NewPro3D makes NP1 3D printer commercially available and announces first materials partnerships

NewPro3D has announced its NP1 DLP 3D printing platform is now commercially available after years of R&D and beta testing.

The company has also established materials partnerships with Henkel and BASF as it targets the production of end-use parts in the medical and engineering markets.

NP1 was showcased at last year’s RAPID + TCT, the company re-emerging after some early overpromises had stalled progress with the news that The University of Washington Cardiology Department, The University of Stanford Radiology Department, and The University of Louisville Dental School had been given early access to the machine. The NP1 platform has a build volume of 192 x 120 x 300 mm, is supported by Materialise Magics Print DLP software, and prides itself on its ability to output parts quickly.

Though NewPro3D has regrets over bursting onto the scene proclaiming it had the ‘world’s fastest 3D printer’ back in 2016, speed is still being pitched as NP1’s greatest strength.

ILI is the wettable membrane between the machine’s light source and resin vat and has been designed to enable faster movement between cured layers. In the last year, with the assistance of the trio of American university departments, the membrane has been reformulated to last 40% longer than before. Parts are coming out quickly, and with the membrane reducing pull forces as the print bed moves upwards to build layers, parts need fewer supports and more flexible materials can be processed.

Building on the expansion of possibilities the enhanced ILI process brings, NewPro3D has also linked up with Henkel and BASF, two chemical experts with a growing presence in the 3D printing market who will help to expand NewPro3D’s portfolio of engineering and dental resins. NewPro3D conceded a year ago it had much work to do within its material offering but ‘all the focus is there.’ These two partnerships are the first products of that focus, and per company COO Gabriel Castanon, ‘other exciting developments are in the pipeline.’

The NP1 is available for direct purchase now, with the option to lease coming soon.

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